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HTC Diamond is here!

HTC Diamond is here!

Today the HTC CEO Peter Chow anounced the new HTC Diamond, which enforces the usability, with a motto of “one hand, one touch”. Chow set this model as “the focus for 2008 “. The Diamond has not only a VGA-resolution and Win Mobile 6.1 Pro, but a new 3D touch navigation too. It is very thin and can communicate with HSUPA 7.2.

Furthermore the new diamond from HTC is equiped with an accelerometer. So the user interface is iPhone like: When viewing images they rotate when the device rotates. Naturally YouTube functionality is included. The accelerometer works with the customized webBrowser Opera too. While surfing the web you have a real dekstop feeling. First the webSite is resized for the screen, but with the navigaton pad zooming is very simple.

And here the good news:
With June 2008 the device will be available in Europe and Asia. but the price is not set yet. Logo
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